Our Products

Bioclear products are applied in a dilute form and present no toxic effects to plants, animals or fish. Application of the product is uncomplicated and results are rapid and easily assessed. Our products is locally produced and has been scientifically researched by many organisations including: University of Pretoria, University of Stellenboschm, CSIR and others.

Water Treatment

Well-point, Borehole, Dam and River water

With the current water restrictions and a drought, a larger number of homes, companies and farms are switching to alternate water sources. The treatment of these alternative water sources is one of our specialities with a number of private homes, guesthouses and farms currently running our cost-effective treatment systems. We offer a turnkey experience with only top quality pumps, filters and dosing systems to match the amount of water required to match your needs.
In a typical treatment program, an analysis of the microorganisms and general water chemistry of the water body will be conducted. Our technical staff will administer the initial dosing. Monitoring is critical to ensure the optimum performance of the product.

The initial objective is to clear the bulk of the organic matter thereby relieving odours and unsightly conditions. Thereafter an ongoing dosing program will depend on local conditions and should result in clean water by treating the inflow continuously. The long-term objective is to provide water quality that is clear, safe and odour free.


BioAlgi/Bac has been designed to kill bacteria, Algae and fungus growth in dams, reservoirs and wells. BioAlgi/Bac is a highly soluble, low pH algaecide/bactericide designed for use in lakes, ponds, reservoirs, sedimentation basins, irrigation canals, treatment of lagoons and other water systems. Until they encounter their targets, the BioAlgi/Bac remains suspended indefinitely without settling out or adding to bottom sediment. The self-dispersing properties allow even distribution without mixing or agitation and will kill the contaminants and floculate them.

BioAlgi/Bac is non-toxic to humans or fish when used as directed.

Do you have an Iron Bacteria problem?

Some or all of these symptoms may be present and indicate slime or Iron Related Bacteria (IRB) problems.

  • Pump output may decrease rapidly
  • Pump and pump column will be coated with a thick layer of slippery slimy gel like deposits. This will usually be red or orange in colour.
  • When the slime is dry, it tends to become a fine powdery mass. Some varieties with older deposits will leave a hard thick layer.
  • Rapid onset of strong unpleasant smell from the well.
  • Rotten eggs odour, may indicate growth in the well.
  • Red slime on primary filters deposited by decaying bacteria.

Better described as iron biofouling, the problem popularly known as “iron bacteria” is both complex and widespread. Iron and other biofouling consist of biofilms which include living and dead bacteria, their sheaths, stalks, secretions and other leavings, and embedded metal hydroxide particles.

These nuisance bacteria combine iron (or manganese) and oxygen to form deposits of “rust,” bacterial cells, and a slimy material that sticks the bacteria to well pipes, pumps, and plumbing fixtures. The bacteria are not known to cause disease, but can cause undesirable stains, tastes and odours; affect the amount of water the well will produce; and create conditions where other undesirable organisms may grow.