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Our products are locally produced and have been scientifically researched by many organisations including: SGS Labs, University of Stellenbosch, CSIR and others.



Image: Counter Bacteria Test Done at CSIR 


BioAlgi/Bac has been designed to kill bacteria, Algae and fungus growth in dams, reservoirs and wells. BioAlgi/Bac is a highly soluble, low pH algaecide/bactericide designed for use in lakes, ponds, reservoirs, sedimentation basins, irrigation canals, treatment of lagoons and other water systems. Until they encounter their targets, the BioAlgi/Bac remains suspended indefinitely without settling out or adding to bottom sediment. The self-dispersing properties allow even distribution without mixing or agitation and will kill the contaminants and floculate them.

BioAlgi/Bac is non-toxic to humans or fish when used as directed.

Bio Drop

Effective Treatment for all water sources
A single drop purifies 1 liter of water, making it safe to drink. A 30ml droplet bottle makes it easy to travel with so that you are able to have access to clean and safe water!

Use in milk and fruit juice to make it last longer without spoilage.

Bio Clean

Effective Multi-purpose Cleaner

A liquid-based detergent with biocide. This multi-purpose cleaner has anti-microbial properties to ensure that all household and industrial surfaces are sanitized.

Perfect for the hospitality industry, home and office.

Bio Spray

A mist dispenser with Biocide, an anti-microbial mist spray for sanitizing surfaces and maintaining personal hygiene.

Supplied as a quick-drying fine mist dispenser for home or travel.

Bio Dish

Effective Multi-purpose Cleaner
A gentle detergent which eliminates microbial contamination of kitchen equipment, utensils, cutlery and crockery.

Active grease-cutting formula which leaves your dishes sparking while safe for the next use!

Bio Soap

A liquid soap handwash with Biocide. A fragrant hand soap with antimicrobial properties for hygiene in kitchens and bathrooms.

Supplied as a single squirt hand dispenser.