Our Products

Our products are locally produced and have been scientifically researched by many organisations including: SGS Labs, University of Stellenbosch, CSIR and others.





BioAlgi/Bac has been designed to kill bacteria, Algae and fungus growth in dams, reservoirs and wells. BioAlgi/Bac is a highly soluble, low pH algaecide/bactericide designed for use in lakes, ponds, reservoirs, sedimentation basins, irrigation canals, treatment of lagoons and other water systems. Until they encounter their targets, the BioAlgi/Bac remains suspended indefinitely without settling out or adding to bottom sediment. The self-dispersing properties allow even distribution without mixing or agitation and will kill the contaminants and floculate them.

BioAlgi/Bac is non-toxic to humans or fish when used as directed.

Agricultural Use

Effective Treatment for all water sources

Our product eliminates the microorganisms that cause rot and spoilage. We have successfully assisted multiple farms in treating their water sources resulting in an extended shelf life of their produce.

Using BioAlgi/Bac correctly will also treat water to be safe for drinking.

Contact us for a consultation where we will test your water sources and advise on the best solution.

Industrial Use

In Concentrated form, this is a heavy duty cleaning agent

A more concentrated version of biocide, this heavy duty agent will clean and sanitise all hard surfaces making it safe for the next use.

This is your total sanitation solution.